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Elevate Your Original Factory Wheels to a Stunning New Level

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Every vehicle reveals a story about its owner

At Wheel Craft, we give your original factory wheels special powers to accelerate your story in exciting directions. Wheel Craft high-end wheel finishes are specially designed for luxury-brand original equipment (OE), factory-installed wheels. These proprietary, next-gen finishes are gorgeous in appearance and texture—and their advanced protective properties offer unrivaled durability to ensure beauty and performance for years to come.

Blaze Your Trail…

Black ICE™ is the choice for customers who want the highest quality, most reflective black wheel finish on their car wheels.

Embrace The Soft,
Sinister Side Of Class...

Matte ICE finish answers the call for an understated matte wheel color offering that sets any vehicle apart in the crowd.

Let Your Story Shine...

Bright ICE is scientifically formulated to give the “traditionalist” the classic look of 1960s chrome; without the headaches.

Your Magic Hour Has Arrived...

Combining the magic of reflective black and undeniable appeal of a custom wheel finish, Midnight ICE ensures you’ll Arrive in Style.

Designed to Inspire

View your original factory wheels through a different lens—and arrive in style. Choose the custom Wheel Craft finish you desire—from the bold and beautiful gleam of Black ICE and Bright ICE, to the sultry sophistication of Matte ICE. Whichever finish you choose, you’ll experience wheels that are strikingly beautiful—and distinguish you at every turn.

Engineered to Perform

The beauty of Wheel Craft finishes is matched by their superior performance and protection. Wheel Craft’s proprietary coating technology forms a glove around the entire wheel that provides unmatched protection from: brake dust burns // alloy wheel corrosion // car wash chemicals // seasonal street chemicals and salt. We scientifically match our ICE wheel finishes to guarantee consistency with every wheel we finish—and we perform extensive hand labor to perfect the wheel surface prior to applying our finish to your original factory wheels. Wheel Craft finishes are easy to clean with soap and water using a soft car wash cloth or sponge—and they’re fully guaranteed under our exclusive five-year warranty.

See For Yourself

Learn What Sets Wheel Craft Apart

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