Acquiring Wheel Craft Finishes

Elevate Your Senses – Arrive with a Story to Tell

Your wheels should distinguish your vehicle – and you – at every turn. At Wheel Craft, we are singularly focused on providing the finest, most beautiful and most durable hand-crafted luxury wheel finishes available today.

What’s more, we make this available to you through a seamless, hassle-free process that makes acquiring your custom wheel finish of choice quick and easy:


  • We will ask you to complete our Quote Request and request a quote.

  • Please complete our Quote Request 

  • Simply call Wheel Craft at 833.639.4231 to speak directly with a Wheel Craft representative and have your questions answered.

  • During your call with Wheel Craft, the representative will confirm essential details about your vehicle (e.g., make, model, wheel size, tire size/condition, mileage, purchase location) and discuss your finish preference. We’ll also request that you upload a photograph of the vehicle and one of its wheels using our secure portal.

  • Wheel Craft will then contact an authorized dealer near your location and develop a custom quote for installation of your chosen finish, which includes the cost of installation.

Dealer Install

  • Upon your acceptance of the quote, payment is due, and once it’s received, Wheel Craft will ship your wheels with your desired finish directly to your
    specified dealer.

  • Installation is performed by a certified dealer technician.

  • Mounting and balancing by a certified dealer technician is also included in the sales price.

  • Wheel Craft will pay your dealer for the installation and balancing, and we will coordinate the return of your “cores” (wheels currently on your car) with your dealer to complete the exchange transaction.

Infiniti SUV

Enhance your sense of luxury…Achieve guaranteed performance and durability…Enjoy unrivaled value…and gain true enjoyment and satisfaction from your wheels.

Whether you opt for the reflective beauty of Black ICE, the chrome-inspired Bright ICE, the elegance of Midnight ICE or the subtle sophistication of Matte ICE

Take your factory-installed wheels to a whole new level with Wheel Craft.

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