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Wheel Intro Series, Part I – Bright ICE™

At Wheel Craft, we focus on one thing, and one thing only: Delivering the highest quality, most beautiful and most durable hand-crafted finishes for BMW, Lexus, Infiniti and other luxury-brand original equipment (OE) factory wheels.

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Avoiding a Brake Dust Horror Story Is Simple – Here’s How

If you own or lease a BMW, Lexus, Infiniti or other luxury vehicle, you expect it to look and perform at its best wherever the road takes you. After all, you’re paying for a premium product; you deserve nothing less.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Wheel Craft Wheels – Simple Never Looked So Beautiful

We all want our vehicles to look their best at all times, in all conditions. But what good is an expensive wash and wax job on your BMW, Lexus, Infiniti or other luxury model if your wheels aren’t shiny and clean? You wouldn’t wear a tuxedo or fancy ball gown with worn-out sneakers—why spend time and money washing your vehicle and neglecting the wheels?

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When Wheels Come Off for Winter, ICE™ is NICE

As autumn transitions into winter, many owners of BMW, Lexus, Infiniti and other luxury vehicles in cold weather regions switch out their summer tires for winter tires. Given that winter tires are specially designed to offer added traction on slick roads, that’s a wise move.

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Wheel Finish or Wheel Coating – Why Differences Matter

Finish and coating—they’re two words that often get used interchangeably when it comes to describing the process and materials used in customizing automotive wheels. Problem is, a finish and a coating are two different things, which often causes confusion for luxury car owners when it’s time to consider customizing their original factory wheels.

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