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How People Make the Difference in Luxury Custom Wheel Finishes

There are lots of reasons why customers absolutely love Wheel Craft’s custom ICE wheel finishes for BMW, Lexus and Infiniti original factory wheels. Sure, they’re specially designed for factory wheels, as opposed to aftermarket wheel coatings. Yes, our proprietary, next-gen finishes are gorgeous in appearance and texture. And certainly, their advanced protective properties offer unrivaled durability to ensure beauty and performance for years to come.

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Understanding ISO 9001’s Importance in Certifying Custom Wheel Finish Quality

The terms “top quality” and “high quality” are used so often by manufacturers to describe their products that they’ve all but completely lost their impact on a skeptical buying public.

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Not All PVD Chrome is Created Equal

If you own a Lexus, BMW, Infiniti or other luxury brand vehicle, you may be aware that you can customize your wheels with a variety of wheel finish and coating options. And as wheel customization has grown increasingly popular among luxury vehicle owners, a near countless assortment of aftermarket wheel coating companies have sprung up to serve this market.

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