The Best Wheel Finishes Are Vigorously Tested. Don’t Settle for Less

Wheel Finish Test

It’s easy for a manufacturer to claim that their product is top-quality. So, how can you determine whether such a claim is actually true?

The answer is…testing. Then more testing. Then more on top of that.

At Wheel Craft, we have built our business around one thing: Producing the highest quality, most beautiful and most durable hand-crafted finishes for BMW, Lexus, Infiniti and other luxury-brand original equipment (OE) factory wheels. We claim ownership of quality in the custom wheel finish market because repeated third-party laboratory testing validates the quality of our ICE wheel and rim finishes.

How the Wheel Craft Testing Process Unfolds

Four times a year, every year, we at Wheel Craft test the adhesion factor of our wheels. To do so, we take a wide spoke wheel, cut it into sections and then run each section through our proprietary finish application process so that the ICE finish envelops the section like a glove. It’s the same process we use to prepare your ICE-finished factory wheels.

Next, we send those sections to an independent laboratory where technicians score them—in other words, they cut deep into the face of each spoke with a big X, essentially breaching the finish. They then run each sample through a simulator which exposes them to simulated salt chemicals in order to determine the strength of finish adhesion. This measures the degree of “creep” that occurs from the initial scoring of the spoke.

So how does Wheel Craft perform in these testing simulators? In multiple tests, after 1,000 hours, our ICE finishes consistently measure zero creepage from our initial score. Comparatively, many independent powder coating tests show that, after only 200 hours, the coating had completely separated off/peeled back from that initial scoring.

Salt Spray TestTesting Image

We hope this blog helps you understand the importance of testing when it comes to evaluating custom luxury wheel and rim finishes. If you’re looking to Arrive in Style wherever the road takes you, visit or contact us for more information on our custom wheel and rim finishes for factory-installed luxury car wheels. For dealers, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how Wheel Craft can deepen customer loyalty and drive unit sales, productivity, revenue and CSI.

Please contact Wheel Craft at 833.639.4231 or email Ed Hollinshead, company President.

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