Our Finishes

Lexus Model - Black ICE
Lexus Wheel - Black ICE

Blaze Your Trail…

Black ICE is available for ALL makes and models for customers that want the highest quality, most reflective black finish on their car wheels.

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Lexus Model - Bright ICE
Lexus Wheel - Bright ICE

Let Your Story Shine…

Bright ICE is scientifically formulated to give the “traditionalist” the classic look of 1960s chrome; without the headaches.

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BMW Model - Midnight ICE
BMW Wheel - Midnight ICE

Your Magic Hour Has Arrived…

Combining the magic of reflective black and undeniable appeal of a custom wheel finish, Midnight ICE ensures you’ll Arrive in Style.

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Infiniti Model with Matte ICE
Infiniti Wheel with Matte ICE

Embrace the Soft, Sinister Side of Class…

Matte ICE finish answers the call in for an understated matte wheel color offering that sets any vehicle apart in the crowd.

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